Who are we?

Per Kap Bech Jensen Per Kap Bech Jensen

Per Kap Bech Jensen

Theatre Director

E-mail: per@ntl.dk

Barbara Manighetti Barbara Manighetti

Barbara Manighetti

Administrational Leader

E-mail: barbara@ntl.dk

Nathalie Jabalé Nathalie Jabalé

Nathalie Jabalé


E-mail: nathalie@ntl.dk

Agnieszka Pietrzak Agnieszka Pietrzak

Agnieszka Pietrzak


E-mail: agnes@ntl.dk

Peter Egestad Peter Egestad

Peter Egestad


E-mail: pe@ntl.dk

Pushparajah Sinnathamby Pushparajah Sinnathamby

Pushparajah Sinnathamby

Office Assistant

Simon Beyer-Pedersen Simon Beyer-Pedersen

Simon Beyer-Pedersen

Producer / Team leader

E-mail: simon@ntl.dk

Amanda Appel Amanda Appel

Amanda Appel

PR and Communication

E-mail: amanda@ntl.dk

Jenny Crissey Jenny Crissey

Jenny Crissey

Producer / Project leader

E-mail: jenny@ntl.dk

Arnannguaq Gerstrøm Arnannguaq Gerstrøm

Arnannguaq Gerstrøm

Project Manager INUNA Podcast

E-mail: arnaq@ntl.dk

Fausto Pro Fausto Pro

Fausto Pro


E-mail: fausto@ntl.dk

Paul Anthony Hales Paul Anthony Hales

Paul Anthony Hales


E-mail: paul@ntl.dk

Krishna Kandasamy Krishna Kandasamy

Krishna Kandasamy

Sound Technician at INUNA

E-mail: krishna@ntl.dk

Frederick Lopez Frederick Lopez

Frederick Lopez

Building maintenance / Technician

E-mail: eric@ntl.dk

Alice Occhiali Alice Occhiali

Alice Occhiali

Actor and Director

E-mail: alice@ntl.dk

Donald Kitt Donald Kitt

Donald Kitt


E-mail: dk@ntl.dk

Francesca Tesoniero

Francesca Tesoniero


E-mail: francesca@ntl.dk

Gracia Rios Calderon

Gracia Rios Calderon

Actor and Musician

E-mail: gracia@ntl.dk

Kai Bredholt Kai Bredholt

Kai Bredholt

Actor and Musician

E-mail: kai@ntl.dk

Karin Ahlström G.

Karin Ahlström G.

Actor, Director and Pedagogue

E-mail: karin@ntl.dk

Matías Carruitero

Matías Carruitero

Actor and Musician

E-mail: matias@ntl.dk

Pablo Lara

Pablo Lara

Actor and Musician

E-mail: pablo@ntl.dk

Roberta Carreri Roberta Carreri

Roberta Carreri

Actor and Director

E-mail: roberta@ntl.dk

Søs Banke Søs Banke

Søs Banke

Actor, Director and Artistic Coordinator

E-mail: sos@ntl.dk

Valerio Peroni Valerio Peroni

Valerio Peroni

Actor and Director

E-mail: valerio@ntl.dk

Zuzana Ďuríková

Zuzana Ďuríková

Actor and Musician

E-mail: zuzana@ntl.dk


Louise Ejgod Hansen

Board leader

Lene Dybdal

Board member

Karoline H. Larsen

Board member

Peter Christensen Theilmann

Board member

Arne Lægaard

Board member

Ingeborg Christensen Svennevig

Board member

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