Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and SangSangMaru join forces

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and SangSangMaru join forces

Since 2013 Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium has been active in South Korea with workshops, performances, Co-productions and keynote presentations with different korean organisations as SPAF, KAMS, Asian Culture Center and Asian Culture Center Foundation.

With this announcement Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and SangSangMaru mark a new milestone in how Denmark and South Korea can work together. By signing a MOU both organisations aim to enlarge the impact of both organisations and bring East and West artistical closer together in joint efforts. The collaboration will contribute to the development in the field of art and performances through bilateral exchanges and cooperation. Both parties will during the period of 5 years develop and execute plans for joint projects with a view to promoting Asian and European cultures, arts and performances and fostering artistic talents.


SangSangMaru is a social venture company in the field of culture and arts, with the motto of "A cultural imagination group that moves the world with our stories." Since its establishment in 2012, SangSangMaru has been active as a specialized production company for creative performances in South Korea, successfully producing a total of 17 original performances.

SangSangMaru collaborates about and develops numerous performances and arts education programs not only in Asian countries like China and Vietnam but also in European countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

A bridge between Asia and Europe

SangSangMaru is shaping a new history for Korean creative performances through imagination and creativity, and a pioneering spirit in new markets. They value the universal humanistic principles and respect the diversity of race and culture, striving to promote the social values of sharing and coexistence. Moreover, they embrace the mission of enhancing the capacity of creative performances through dialectical development.

Per Kap Bech Jensen theatre director from Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium states: 

To be able to work and create together with Jason Um and SangSangMaru is really an immense pleasure. To find a strong collaborator in South Korea with international experience, years of dedication to culture and art and huge network is not common. Now I’m just looking forward to beginning the journey together with Um Dong Youl and pave new artistic roads in mutual understanding and respect for the differences and what we have in common.

Um Dong Youl founder and producer from SangSangMaru are looking forward as well for to the collaboration: 

It is a great honor and pleasure to work with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, a globally respected art organization, and Per Kap Bech Jensen in the mid to long term. Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, one of the leading arts organizations in Denmark and the world's theatrical world, has been one of my long-cherished dreams to collaborate with and carry out projects linking Asia and Europe together. With Per Kap Bech Jensen, I would like to meet Asian and European audiences by making strong and beautiful bowls that can contain the beautiful dreams, talents, and challenging spirit of Asian and European artists. 

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium create and share unforgettable stories with audiences locally, nationally and around the world – on our stages, in urban spaces, on tour, in schools, on screen and in virtual reality. We strive to be as inclusive, diverse and sustainable as possible.

Exploring Theatre Traditions

The artistic starting point is an interest and curiosity in theatre forms from both Western and non-Western traditions, and a desire to create a unique expression based on this encounter. We believe that our performances offer opportunities for, and are an occasion for, a meeting of differences, whether you are an audience member or a performer.

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium enrich Danish performing arts with residencies, seminars, teaching activities, concerts, barter, guest performances, festivals and major international collaborations and networks. We create ambitious new works of high artistic quality, the result of a unique working method and tradition developed and refined over many years.

With the new collaboration SangSangMaru and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium enters into a close mutual partnership. Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium will visit SangSangMaru in October 2023 as a part of a research trip. This will also ark the first in-person meeting between Um Dong Youl and Per Kap Bech Jensen.

Short bio: Um Dong Youl

CEO Um Dong Youl was born in Seoul in 1976 and graduated from Kyung Hee University's Department of Journalism and Information. Sangsang Maru was established in 2012
He was appointed as a director of the Korea Performing Producers Association and is serving as the director of the Korea Performing Arts Industry Research Institute and the director of the Children's Performing Storytelling Research Institute. Since 2021, he has been the executive producer of the National Asian Cultural Center's international co-chang production project, producing the KAPAP-NTL-OT co-produced play "AFTER WAR" and the KAPAP-Vietnam National Drama Theater co-produced play "Ben Hong Chong".
He wrote a number of performance-related books such as "Investment Promotion for the First Time in My Life", "Musical Contract Manual", and "The Producer".


Link to full CV

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