OPEN CALL for artists - paid residency

OPEN CALL for artists - paid residency

Artists can apply for Landsby Akademiet (The Village Academy) - paid residency at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium is looking for 12 artists from different backgrounds and disciplines to take part in a long period project: LANDSBY AKADEMIET . (2024)

The Project aims to enliven certain rural areas of Midjylland through the concept of Cultural Barter. At this residency, the artists-coordinators will acquire the necessary tools to create artistic interventions in one of the 6 chosen villages.

They will be working in pair and hand in hand with the local community (Churches, choirs, schools, voluntary unions etc). The locals are an essential and active part of the entire process. The main purpose is to exchange our knowledge with the citizens to make them aware of all the current resources they have within their community. We want to help them see all the cultural potential their villages have when they collaborate and create together.

Work periods


When: Jan/March 2024 (specific dates TBC with the artists)

  • 1 day arrival – 6 days work – 1 day departure

This first residency will consist in a 2 days workshop to become familiar with the concept of cultural barter and create material for the interventions that will take place in one of the chosen villages. In this module the artists will be guided and accompanied by the NTL artists in charge of the project.


During summer 2024 certain online meetings will take place to prepare the final and most important interventions in the villages.


When: Aug-Dec 2024 (specific dates TBC with the artists)

  • 1 day arrival – 6 days work – 1 day departure

In this second module the artists will have time at NTL to prepare the last cultural exchanged happening at the village. This time the event will be bigger, trying to involve the local community as much as possible. It also will be documented and recorded, generating what we will call our “village Selfie”.

Fee and condition

Each artist will get

  • a fixed fee of 7000 kr. per each residency, in total 14000 kr. (*)
  • 1500 kr. maximum per residence to cover the transport refund after justification (limited to airplane/ train/ bus).
  • Sustenance, accommodation and local transports in Midjylland area and during the activities.

The amount will be paid in the framework of a freelance contract as a all-inclusive amount and a travels reimbursement upon presentation of the receipts. The amount will be reduced according in proportion the participation period.

(*) amount are in Danish Krone.


Artists should be available to work in both periods. The requirements to be considered for this project are:

  • Ready to work in Denmark 
  • Experience with working and coordinating large groups or communities. 

  • Language: Being able to communicate in Danish(B2) or in English(B2).
  • Initiative
  • Problem solving skills
  • Organised

Examples of desired artistic Skills:

Music (instruments, percussion...), Circus, Dance, Singing, Clown, etc

How to Apply:

If you consider yourself suitable for this residency, send us your CV and motivation letter before the 10th of December.

As part of our commitment to transparency and fairness, we have designed a rigorous selection process to ensure that all applicants are given equal consideration based on the following criteria, please read about the application proces below.

Selected candidates are invited to an online interview during the first half of December. We encourage everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnic background, etc., to apply for the position.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Gracia Rios/Pablo Lara (Project coordinators)

Application proces

As part of our commitment to transparency and fairness, we have designed a rigorous selection process to ensure that all applicants are given equal consideration based on the following criteria:

  1. Availability: Artists should be available to work in both residency periods.
  2. Ready to work in Denmark: Applicants must possess the legal right to work in Denmark.
  3. Experience with Large Groups: We seek artists with a proven track record of working and coordinating large groups or communities.
  4. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in Danish and English is required to effectively communicate and collaborate during the residency.
  5. Initiative: We value artists who demonstrate initiative in their work and are proactive in pursuing creative opportunities.
  6. Problem-Solving Skills: Artists should possess strong problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges and contribute to the success of the residency.
  7. Organizational Abilities: We value artists who exhibit organizational skills to manage their work and contribute effectively to the overall project.

Additionally, we encourage artists with artistic skills in music (instruments, percussion), circus, dance, singing, clown, and other related disciplines to apply.

Our selection process involves the following steps:

  1. Application Evaluation: A review committee consisting of experts in the relevant artistic fields, community engagement, and project management will evaluate each application against the selection criteria.
  2. Shortlisting: Based on the evaluations, a shortlist of candidates who best align with the criteria will be determined.
  3. Interview or Presentation Stage: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview or presentation to further assess their artistic skills, problem-solving abilities, initiative, and organizational skills.
  4. Final Selection: The review committee will make the final selection based on the evaluations and feedback from the interview or presentation stage, considering the alignment with our project objectives and the potential to work effectively with large groups or communities.

We value transparency and will ensure that all applicants are notified of the final selection results. Constructive feedback will be provided to unsuccessful candidates upon request.



In submitting yourapplication to Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, you agree that the information you have inserted is used for logistic purposes relating to the activity applied for and may be kept for future reference.

You also understand that at any given time, after the event has taken place, you can request to have this information deleted by sending an email to:

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