Human Mosaic

Human Mosaic

The Human Mosaic (HM) project is an audience engagement project that proposes to use socially engaged theater to create large scale performances in 4 different communities (both urban & periphery) in the summer of 2023 and 2024. 

Human Mosaic - Made of you and me for everyone to see!

About Human Mosaic

Human Mosaic aims to use well-known rock anthems, music that is recognized and loved by people of all kinds. Based on these songs the partners of The Human Mosaic project will create a dramaturgy that can be performed on stage by the community as a "rock opera", i.e., a performance accompanied by a band/orchestra/choir.  

Through the appeal of popular music, the performance will highlight EU values and democratic rights and the need to vigilantly preserve and protect them. Using socially engaged theater methods, the project partners will engage large groups within their community through a process that will achieve 2 goals: 1) The participants will increase and strengthen their knowledge about their rights, freedoms and the political climate in a way that encourages open discourse as opposed to polarization and 2) the community groups will engaged in large scale cooperation project, leaving them with the feeling of having done something impressive and positive together, in spite their differences. 

Partner descriptions 


Teatr Brama was founded in 1996 by Daniel Jacewicz. The name of the theatre comes from its first headquarters – Brama Wolińska (Goleniow’s old city gate). It was there that the theatre began first as an informal club and shortly after became a community theatre group under the umbrella of Goleniów’s Culture House. Today, Teatr Brama is well known in Poland and in the world of independent theatre. Brama creates a living cultural environment in Goleniow which can be experienced during their annual festivals – BRAMAT and ŁAKNIENIA. Brama’s motivation, from both an artistic and culture shaping point comes from the desire to revolutionize the relationship between artist and the audience. Performance is an occasion for meeting and creates the space for dialogue. As a Socio-Cultural Education Association, Teatr Brama Theatre utilizes informal education to create possibilities for improving the quality of life in the local community, while creating rich cultural life in Goleniów.  


The Multi-active Group of Art – Fabrica Athens was created in 2009. In 2011 it shaped its own, completely handmade theatre “Fabrica Theater Stage” in Kerameikos. The team’s venue takes its present form in 2014 with the additional space “Fabrica Artspace”. A ground floor studio in Athens above the titular underground theatre. 

Fabrica Athens is greatly involved in the field of education. Members of the team give weekly lessons and independent seminars in Fabrica Artspace, in artistic venues in Athens, in the Drama School “Iakovos Kampanellis” in Agia Varvara Municipality, in Korydallos prisons and in Avlonas prisons. Additionally, Fabrica Athens takes part in, coorganises and sends trainers to European programmes for young people, European programmes for teacher training, Erasmus+ programmes, independent workshops and masterclasses in Greece and abroad (Spain, Turkey, Germany, Bosnia). The fields of education where the team moves is theatre, yoga and the art of circus. What is special is the contribution and the recognition of the “Theatre of Research” method which was introduced by Fanis Katehos who is its founding member. 


The Replika Center is an independent cultural space run by seven activist artists with experience in educational theatre. Our mission is to produce and host cultural events of interest to vulnerable social categories, ensuring free access. 


MASCA: Masca Theater was established by Government Decision on May 24, 1990, and describes itself as a theater of gesture, pantomime and bodily expression, being the only theater of this kind in Romania. A one-of-a-kind theatre in the capital of Romania, “Masca” was the first company to introduce street performances and alternative forms of theatre in Romania. ,,Masca” is constantly developing and offering its audience innovative performances rooted in Lecoque’s teachings and breakthroughs. 

Since its foundation, Masca Theater evolved along two main paths: 

– street theater (with performances centered around clowns, commedia dell’arte, medieval theater, large marionettes, living statues, etc.) involving performers with a vast array of means of expression: clownerie, juggling, various instruments, tap dance, pantomime, living statues, handling large marionettes (2 meter tall), dancing, singing, acrobatics, etc. 

– indoor shows with an elaborate script, inspired by great authors of world literature (N. V. Gogol, G. G. Marquez, E. Briusov, J. L. Borjes, W. Shakespeare), which are closely related in style to dance theater, with very little or no dialogue, the actor being the focal point of the shows, the unique keeper of the mystery of theater 

Ever since its establishment, Masca Theater unequivocally assumed a cultural and social vocation that was defined by performances and events organized after having identified the needs of culturally-isolated groups or groups within poor communities, by projects addressed to families and projects that bring performing arts to the people, alternative theater performed in unconventional spaces. In addition, Masca Theater is part of the European artistic movement, being a member of the international network for contemporary performing arts – IETM.  


Our artistic starting point is an interest and curiosity in theatre forms from both Western and non-Western traditions, and a desire to create a unique expression based on this encounter.  

We believe that our performances offer opportunities for, and are an occasion for, a meeting of differences, whether you are an audience member or a performer. 

We enrich Danish performing arts with residencies, seminars, teaching activities, concerts, barter, guest performances, festivals and major international collaborations and networks.  

We create ambitious new works of high artistic quality, the result of a unique working method and tradition developed and refined over many years. 

We extend our reach through online activities with conferences, workshops and streaming of performances. Alongside the expansion of our digital offer, we have founded the Immersive Lab for Innovation in Theatre Making and Archive (ILITA) as part of a strategic development project. An entirely new medium to explore performing arts, technology and society in a virtual universe and as a future potential to connect the local, national and international in a framework that can draw on both new and old experiences in the spirit of the theatre laboratory.  

Further we have established INUNA Podcast - an auditory gathering place where Greenlanders living in Denmark have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences across generations and city boundaries. 




Practical information

Program: CREA-CULT-2022-COOP-1 

Handling: CREA-LS

Projektets referencenummer: 101098563

Projekttitel: HUMAN MOSAIC - Made of you and me, for everyone to see

Projektakronym: HM
Varighed: 2023 - 2024
Koordinator: Stowarzyszenie Teatr Brama,  UL Slowackiego 1, Goleniow 72-100, Polen

Telefon: +48 533 311 214


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.  


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