Red Room
Red Room
60 - 120 kr. + fee
14 maj.
60 min.

- The game everyone has been waiting for!

The court is chalked up sharply, the net is stretched out and the sweat is pouring off the two rival tennis gurus; DON McEnroe and Björn GNU are once again facing each other in the fight of their lives.

Everything is at stake and all bets are off. 

The training is hard and inhuman. The methods dirty and unrestrained. Because nothing is more important than the desire to be the winner, above the others. But the question is, what is victory so important? 

DON and GNU are back in the form of their lives. An action-packed, sweat-drenched and poetic search for the answer to what true fighting spirit really is. With slapstick comedy and moving dance, the two rivals will, in true DON GNU style, untangle themselves from the web they've tangled themselves in.

TENNIS premiered in March 2024 and continues on a wild tour in April, May and June 2024. 
Leading up to the premiere, DON and GNU will explore and document new forms of exercise. Everything from finger knitting to tango and wrestling. The tough and sometimes failed challenges will be shared on social media, with the desire to give the audience a greater experience than just watching a performance. We see this as a great opportunity to reach a wider audience. 

The performance is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Aarhus Municipality.

Three incredibly talented dancers offer pure dance madness in all kinds of beautiful shades.
Kirsten Dahl - Århus Stiftstidende


Jannik Elkær


Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen 


The team behind

Jannik Elkær & Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen


Christoffer Brekne 

Film & Visual Media

Alice Carreri 


Kathrine Kihm and Malene Cathrine Pedersen

Producer Team

Bora Bora og Aveny-T


Don Gnu's new performance "Tourist" is gifted and emotionally heavy choreographed.
Kirsten Dahl - Århus Stiftstidende
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