Elements of A Poetic Path - Holstebro Festive Week 2024

From 15 jun. 12:30
To 16 jun. 13:30

This event takes place on Sunday 15th of June from 12.30-13.30, and contains elements of the performance "FU, A Poetic Path":

FU is a path through the creative and performative possibilities that an actor can meet in the exploration of the themes, the inspirations and the inanimate elements that compose a theatrical piece.

It is presented in Festuge 2024 as a montage of physical and vocal scores, created by single performers and by the ensemble, under the direction of Sofia Guidi and João Carlos Silva, in the perspective of a collaboration between their international experience and taste. This research project has been developed at Labirion Officine Trasversali in Rome and it arrives at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium to ask to the audience the same questions that feed this poetic path: What does the word theatrical mean? What are the differences of the meaning of this word at different latitudes? What is stronger, an image or a text? An ensemble or a solo focused in a clear direction?

These questions will be the roots, the spine and the aim of this work in progress, opening new possibilities of research on our theatre.


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