Dancing with the Dead

Dancing with the Dead

Red Room
Red Room
24 sep.
Recommended age
10 +

Step into a world beyond this one, where imagination and creativity take the lead and venture into the unknown...

DANCING WITH THE DEAD is an innovative dance performance that explores and opens up conversations about death and grief. Vibrant costumes, magnificent music, and expressive choreography collectively form the artistic experience. This integrated audience experience transforms a passive spectator into an engaged participant in an emotional journey, a journey where the silence surrounding death is courageously shattered, and where the audience is bravely involved. DANCING WITH THE DEAD is a memorable and meaningful dance performance that transcends traditional theatre, embodying the power of art to transform and understand our human existence.

Premiere: September 14, 2024, at the Skissernas Museum in Lund

Target Audience: From 10 years and up


With support by: Kulturrådet SE, Statens Kunstfond DK, Malmö Stad SE, Region Skåne SE, Augustinus Fonden DK, Dansk Skuespillerforbund and co-produced by Rum för Dans and Dansinitiativet.



Lava Markusson and Michael Tang


Hans-Ole Amossen

Costume Designer

Åsa Gjerstad

Lighting Design

Tanya Johansson


Mikkel Alexander Tøttrup, Giorgia Reitani, George Pelagias and Moa Autio

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