Choir closing event: Young Wild Dreams - Holstebro Festive Week 2024

17 jun.

The closing event happens on Monday 17th of June from 10.00-11.00.

Come join us when over 2000 children sing themselves into the hopes and dreams for the future. 

As a perfect closure to a lovely and culture filled week, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in collaboration with Holstebro Musikskole want to invite all citizens of Holstebro to experience the choir "Young Wild Dreams".

This choir is performed by schoolchildren of Holstbro Kommune, and will be made of lovely songs, catchy sounds, and groovy rythmic features from the balconies and the grounds around Sygehusgrunden. Your entire range of feelings will definetely be affected during this performance.

The choir can be heard from long distances and be experienced all the way around the tower and especially from the hill on the other side of the lake in Lystanlægget as well af the parkinglots on Sygehusgrunden.


"Young Wild Dreams" is a collaboration between Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Holstebro Musikskole, Holstebro Kommune, Færchfonden and Arealudviklingsselskabet Sygehusgrunden in connection with the 750th anniversary of Holstebro.


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