Action Man Collects Sweethearts - Holstebro Festive Week 2024

16 jun.

This event happens on 16th of June from 10.00-11.00.

Action Man Collects Sweethearts" is a performance where we meet Action Man - a warrior character who has been exposed to a certain way of being a man. Action Man is constantly trying to be the strong, hypermasculine man to live up to a lot of expectations. But it all flops a bit; his chainmail is woven, becoming more of a dress than tough heavy armor. When he builds a catapult, he can barely move it as it is too heavy, as is his sword, which he can barely lift, and his medieval war machines, he loads with love letters and praises rather than weapons, as he tends to become soft, loving and in love with his enemies.

”Action Man Collects Sweethearts” is part of Kunstneriske Nabofællesskaber Særkærparken.

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