OPEN CALL – Artistic Neighborhood Communities

OPEN CALL Artistic Neighborhood Communities

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and Særkærparken in Holstebro are looking for 9 artistic formats lasting 60 minutes in the period from October 2023 – June 2024.

Artistic Neighborhood Communities is a model experiment between the Nordic Theater Laboratory and Særkærparken in Holstebro, where creativity, community and artistic expression are combined in new and unique ways. If you are a performing artist and passionate about creating an unforgettable performance, this is your opportunity!

Purpose of the project:

As I said, the project originates from Særkærparken in Holstebro, which includes 155 plots and a lively business area. We share a strong belief that regardless of where we are – in our home, in an institution or in a business area – we are part of a larger and shared experience. Artistic Neighborhood Communities aim to create a space where neighbors can come together for meaningful art experiences. We want to open doors to new universes of experience and at the same time strengthen the ties that unite us as people.

Details of the Model Test:

We will carry out ten Artistic Neighborhood Community model trials, of which six will take place in private homes, and four will be arranged at businesses in the commercial area. Each model trial will be a unique opportunity to explore, create and connect with your neighbors in a whole new way.


  • You are a performing artist or institution in music, drama, dance, visual arts, circus, recital or other artistic genre.
  • Your artistic format can be presented within one hour.
  • You have the option of setting up the artistic format in a garden, living room, office or workshop.
  • What is offered can be adapted to an intimate and present atmosphere that connects neighbors and creates unique moments.
  • The fee includes a trial period for your artistic format, as well as any artistic team.

What we offer:

  • A fee of up to DKK 10,000 including all costs such as transport, scenography, engineering and more.
  • A platform to present what you can do and create connections across the neighbourhood.
  • The opportunity to be part of a different project that explores the role of art in strengthening neighborhood and community.
  • A performance in the period between October 2023 – June 2024.

How to apply:

Send us your application no later than 10 September 2023 and describe the following:

  • Who are you.
  • The artistic format incl. expenses/budget (max. 1 page).
  • How it fits into an intimate house concert or other appropriate venue.
  • Also describe how your proposal can help create a meaningful connection between neighbors.
  • Desirable period in 2023/2024.
  • Remember to include contact information so we can easily get in touch with you
  • You will receive an answer from the selection committee by 20 September at the latest.

Contact: Simon Beyer-Pedersen

Tel: 21 59 29 76


We look forward to receiving your application and possibly welcoming you to the Artistic Neighborhood Communities model trial.

Supported by Kultursamarbejdet:

Artistic Neighboring Communities have been supported by the Cultural Cooperation.

This recognizes the project's potential impact on promoting art, community and understanding between people.

Artistic Neighborhood Communities




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Børnekulturnatten (Children's culture night)

Roberta Carreri receives honorary award

Roberta Carreri receives honorary award