Memories for Life

Memories for Life

30 min
Recommended age
For the elderly and their relatives

The forgotten gets a voice when young actors bring the memory of their grandparents to life.

In the 1920s, two young immigrants from Italy decide to move to Denmark in search of a new life. They meet each other in a small provincial town, where they immediately fall in love.

The performance goes through the couple's memories, from their youth to their old age, always together. The actors lead the audience into a shared space where childhood, love, death, loneliness and old age exist side by side. They become mirrors that evoke memories from the past up to the present.

"Memories for Life" is a theater performance for the older audience, which is about memories from the past and about creating a language for the forgotten.

The piece is performed in Danish and includes texts by a number of different poets and writers.

Our body remembers, our body is memory. A dance, a song or a touch can awaken bodily memories and reveal forgotten stories.


Alice Occhiali

Actor and Director

Valerio Peroni

Actor and Director

The team behind