L´USCITA  - The Way Out

L´USCITA  - The Way Out

60 min
Recommended age
14 +
Production year

L´uscita is a performance that reveals the unsolved problems between a mother and a daughter and a possible way out from these issues. This is a journey through the complex relations within a family structure and the repercussions it has for everyone. 

Throughout the play, we are invited to reflect on our relationship patterns, the imprint inflicted by traumas on our emotions and how tragic events can help us heal deep wounds from the past. What seems to be a tragedy will turn into a healing process that entails reopening wounds and looking at the past with a new perspective.

The actresses approach the theme of the play using different dramaturgic strategies, presenting the audience a narration from a diverse scenic language, keeping the journey in a sensitive but also absurd tone.

A journey through the complexities of family relations


The team behind

Karin Ahlström og Francesca Tesoniero

Original idea

Valerio Peroni


Karin Ahlström, Francesca Tesoniero, Paulina Marin and Valerio Peroni


Roberta Carreri and Donald Kitt

Special thanks for voice off

Stefan Ahlström

Music, Composition & Sound Production

Fausto Pro

Light Technician

Paulina Marin


Amanda Appel

Photo and Video