Frog, Frogo and Frogi

Frog, Frogo and Frogi

30 min
Recommended age
3-10 years

Frogo and Frogi want Frog to go on adventures, but Frog prefers to stay in his bed and dream of all the things Frog could do if everything was different. Fortunately, Frogi and Frogo don't give up so easily. They try in every possible way to persuade Frog, but it takes both acrobatics and ingenious inventions to make it happen.

"Frog, Frogo and Frogi on a trip" is a brand new clown show from Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, created especially for children aged 3-10. But it can also be enjoyed as a fun and cozy family show.

The performance takes you into the "Frogger's" world of crazy inventions, music and song in a humorous and inclusive way.

Enter the Froggers' world of crazy inventions, music and song