Fool in the Full Moon

Fool in the Full Moon

50 minutes

A fool sits on his luggage, a box full of dreams.
Dreams of flying, and recipes for how to do it.
He recalls his childhood and youth and how his secret friend and co-conspirator, Leonardo da Vinci, inspired him and has never stopped supporting him in his endless endeavours.
The fool fantasizes about flying machines, about wheels that turn, about floating castles, and about wings that lift him free from both gravity and the daily grind.
He dances and sings his way into a magnificent universe. A landscape where imagination and creativity reign, and where Leonardo is omnipresent with his good advice and – at times – extreme challenges.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci - filled with dreams of creating machines


Donald Kitt


The team behind

Iben Nagel Rasmussen


Donald Kitt

Text montage

Lena Bjerregaard og Donald Kitt

Set Design

Matias Carruitero

Sound Design

Stefania Giammarino

Director's Assistent

Amanda Appel

Photo and Video

Dreams of flying, and recipes for how to do it