Danish Songs in Flamenco Dress

Danish Songs in Flamenco Dress

60 minutter
Danish or English and Mexican
Recommended age
All ages

"Danish Songs in Flamenco Dress" are a heartwarming amalgamation of love for the great Danish poets and the grace and strong rhythms of flamenco.

Kai Bredholt brings the high school songbook into flamenco with singing, accordion and the Mexican instrument Jarana, while Mexican flamenco dancer Erica Sanchez interprets the songs with flamenco movements and expressions.

It is also a story about love across the globe, the meeting between cultures and a common life in a small Jutland town, and fills the audience with laughter and a desire to sing.

All with the addition of Mexican songs and festive West Jutland polonaise.

A fun-filled experience for everyone who loves Danish songs and wants to experience them in new guises

The team behind

Kai Bredholt

Guitar, Harmonica, Jarana and Singing

Erika Sanchez

Flamenco, Song, and Jarana

Mexican songs and festive West Jutland polonaise