After War

After War

60 min.
English, Korean
Recommended age
15 years +

Remarkable performance explorers the aftermath of war with young Korean actors and actors from Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in Holstebro

"After War" brings the claustrophobic world of war and human decay to the audience. To the time after a war, any war, that was fought in a foreign country against an alien nation.

Something sets of the mechanism of global war. One man’s death. A single shot fired. Rape. Setting a book on fire. Some simple mistake. A foolish act. Just a haircut. Something in the past that we just could’ve let go.

East and west meets in "After War". Two languages and two cultures with each of their own story. Through distorted images the audience is pulled into the silent terror of war, where killing for what you fight for is normality.

"After War" is based on the alienation on both sides of the battleground. We are drawn into a soldier’s nightmare, where the dead comes alive, and reality is no longer the same. Dreams take over the day and memory become a ghost untamable and out of grasp.

After war comes peace. But a peace with deprivation, guilt, and the search for meaning and forgiveness.

It was an enriching experience to see two cultures meet. The music enhanced the moods in a remarkable way and the acting performances were truly impressive. Thank you for an exciting and deeply emotional experience.
Audience, Holstebro NTL, March 2023


Donghyuk Choi


Petra Banke

Actor and Sound Designer

Juraj Benko


Haejoon Park

Actor and Choreographer

Sangjun Moon

Musician, Performer and Assistant Director

WooJoo Lee

Musician, Performer and Music Producer

The team behind

Søs Banke

Director and Adaptation

Lee Dongil

Co-Director and Adaptation

Fausto Pro


Paul Anthony Hayles


Iben Nagel Rasmussen


Donald Kitt


Roberta Carreri


Kai Bredholt


Amanda Appel

Photo and Video

About the international cooperation project MOA

"After War" is part of a four-year collaboration between the Korea Association of Performing Arts Producers (KAPAP) and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.

The "After War" production consists of a new constellation of artists at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and the performance group Moon of Asia from South Korea. Young artists who only know the history of war through pictures, recordings and written sources, with a common goal to create an artistic bridge between past and present.

Supported by

Asia Culture Center (ACC) and Asia Culture Center Foundation (ACCF) of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea

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See the entire performance here

Very impressive intensity that holds you as the audience in a gentle grip in the middle of horrors and helps you bear it.
Audience, Holstebro NTL, March 2023