LIVE NOW (LEV NU) is a cultural community project founded in 2019 by performance designer Iben Sophie Bredholt in collaboration with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret.

The project is based in the cities of Holstebro, Struer and Lemvig (Denmark), and will continue to unfold during the next four years as it has become a part of Kulturaftalen i Midt- og Vestjylland 2021-2024.

The purpose of LEV NU is to establish an “Eventworkshop for Senior Citizens & Children” where the artists involved in the project will be traveling from city to city exploring meaningful ways of engaging both children and senior citizens in co-creating cultural events. In the Eventworkshop the participants have the opportunity to share an artistic passion they have in common and they will be involved in co-creating events where these passions are the main focus.

By organising workshops that gather local activities where people of all ages are involved these events are creating new social encounters across generations and moving the institutions and the community closer together.

In a workshop you can explore new ideas, experiment and put things together in new ways. In the same way the Eventworkshop is an opportunity to explore new types of co-created event concepts in practice, while at the same time developing the practice through dialogue with the people involved.

We explore new types of co-created event concepts!

The team behind

Iben Sophie Bredholt

Performance Designer

Erika Sanchez

Flamencodanser og Musiker

Kai Bredholt

Skuespiller og Musiker

Mission and Vision

The idea behind LIVE NOW is that throughout life we need to be part of communities where we experience the joy of sharing something we are passioned about. Therefore the purpose behind every event is to create new communities between the participants where they have the opportunity to perform and share their passions and talents with each other.

The events are organized by project manager Iben Sophie Bredholt and different artistic collaborators within the NTL community. Together with local senior citizens and children of all ages they co-create a wide range of events such as theater and circus-performances, seasonal balls- and concerts, dancing light parades and poetry walks.

During the year of 2024 the methods and event concepts developed throughout the project period will be presented for students in the fields of Pedagogy and Cultural Management.

Supported by

The project is supported by Kulturaftalen i Midt- og Vestjylland and Holstebro Kommune.

Theatre Meetings

Theatre Meetings

The Cirkus School CirkO

The Cirkus School CirkO

The Village Academy

The Village Academy