Babel Babel Babel

Strange & Lovely: Babel Babel Babel

Red Room
Red Room
60 - 120 DKK + fee
1 mar.
90 min. inc. break
Recommended age
+ 14 år

Join us on a musical journey

"Babel Babel Babel" takes you on a musical journey through the intricacies of love, the ordinariness of life, war, nationalism and the desire for freedom.

The cabaret is a musical tale of the angel Babylon, who tries to make sense of the human world in a Babylonian mix of languages.

It is a grotesque cabaret of humor, irony and passion. We meet a fallen angel, a madman who talks to himself, heaven and the audience, and slowly we are drawn deeper and deeper into the corners of love and life, with both lightness and seriousness.

The cabaret is built around music and songs from the 30s and 40s by P.H., Edith Piaf, Brecht, Balz, Weil and Holländer, among others.

"Babel Babel Babel" is a re-enactment of Babylon of the Night in a new adaptation and with new accompanist Martin Damgaard. Søs Banke toured from 2004 to 2014 with Nattens Babylon together with musicians Torben Lassen, Nikolai Seidelin under the name “Babylon Trio. The then cabaret show was an offshoot of the cabaret Liebe ist Kein Geheimniss, which was a collaboration between Søs Banke and Zimmer Theatre in Tübingen in southern Germany in 2002, where it was performed for the first time with a different musical cast.

Timing is everything in cabaret, Søs Banke's devilishness of an angel is eminent; best as we swim away in romantic Love between the Countess and her servant, she tears her audience back down to earth.
Danish press: Urban


Søs Banke


The team behind

Søs Banke


Martin Damgaard


Søs Banke is a fascinating scenic talent. She has a magnificent voice that really carries over a large area…
Norwegian press: Gjengangeren
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