Holstebro Festuge

Holstebro Festuge

From 8 Jun. 08:00
To 17 Jun. 23:55


Join us, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium , to celebrate the 750th Jubilee of Holstebro! The 8th of June 2024 we will begin our celebration,  Holstebro Festuge - Festive Week, under the banner “Dreams of the Future”. The 750th Jubilee, in collaboration with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, wishes to encourage all citizens to participate actively in the Holstebro Festuge. 

The theme is  “our dreams”.  Which is something we all have, whether we are a child with a vivid imagination who wants to explore the moon, a young person who fights for equality or a politician who wants development the environment.Dreams are a driving force throughout our life and they are the foundation for change.  

So, you may lend a helping hand by making Holstebro a city that dares to dream about the future. Together with the city's cultural institutions, associations, clubs and communities, the Holstebro Festuge will be a highlight of the anniversary year. The Festive Week aims to receive a multitude of initiatives that will show what Holstebro can do when we join forces to create a celebration. A celebration that will bring us together and provide an opportunity to create new connections for the future, and that can promote the DNA that Holstebro wants to be known for.

We would like to encourage sports clubs, cultural and educational institutions, churches with their parishioners, military, the entire community, young and old, to come together across familiar routes, to celebrate Holstebro.

It is still open for those who want to be part of it. 

During 2023, there have been several gatherings where co-organisers have had the opportunity to exchange ideas and network across institutions, associations, businesses, and the performers and individuals who represent art and culture in Holstebro municipality.

All those who is interested in participating in Holstebro Festuge with activities and events, or simply hopes to exchange ideas and contribute to the big celebration in the anniversary year, is welcome to attend the Festuge meetings. 

The Festuge meetings will be held at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and will provide an opportunity for co-creation and coordination of incoming initiatives.

For any enquires, write to 
Søs Banke: sos@ntl.dk 
Artistic co-ordinator at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium  
Mobile: +45 24 46 64 25 

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap

23 Feb.
The Dance of Intentions - Italy

The Dance of Intentions - Italy

23 - 25 Feb.


Guest Performance
26 Feb.